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Quantum Eurostar Energy Solutions, QESCO - is a one stop solution provider of energy saving opportunities. We help our customers reducing their energy needs and building eco-sustainable and socially responsible business. Through our innovative IOT technologies and a Team of European expats and locals Arabic speaking engineers with 10+ years of experience in electrical engineering, electromechanical systems, lighting systems, compressed air systems, heating and furnace systems and industrial cooling we transform the customer’s legacy in new revenue generation opportunities.

Our EPC shared saving business model does not require any upfront investment from our customers who harvest tagging along with us on the savings achieved over the years in a unique win-win approach.

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Taqeef has been the market leader in cooling solutions in the Middle East for nearly 50 years. Our exclusive partnerships with Fujitsu General and Midea allow us to bring the most innovative, efficient and environmentally sound cooling technology to the region. 

Taqeef’s commitment to the environmental agenda has seen us launch an in-house Energy Solutions Division.  Here we offer a full portfolio of energy saving services, supported by the most advanced ‘green’ technology on the market.

Whether it’s energy modelling, turnkey retrofitting, value engineering, HVAC system design, or simply access to the world’s most efficient VRF and Chiller technology, our qualified team find best-fit solutions for maximum energy and cost savings.

To review our case studies and to quantify the market-leading efficiencies achieved by Taqeef’s technology and services, please contact us on or visit us at

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